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July 15-18, 2019 – Illinois Beach Hotel in Zion, Illinois

October 2018 Retreat at Kilbuck Creek Lodge

Our first ever Love Notions retreat was held in October of 2018. We had an amazing time. Read guest testimonials and read the recap blog post to get a better feel for what a Love Notions sewing retreat can offer you. 

My experience at the Love Notions sewing retreat was truly incredible. It was wonderful to share my beloved craft with others in a very warm and personal environment. It felt not only like a relaxing escape but also an opportunity to further my skills and knowledge about sewing. I would not hesitate to sign up for another Love Notions retreat in the future and would encourage anyone who loves to sew to do the same! Alyson C.

The best part of the retreat was meeting others who share a common interest and just connecting as individuals. Even more than the learning and the swag that was my best takeaway from the experience. Meeting others like me and getting to talk sewing, talk about life, our kids all that sort of stuff. I felt that it really gave authenticity to the community spirit that we have online. Jen M.

This retreat was amazing! I learned so much and was so inspired watching others turn out so many things in such a short time. It was great learning not only from you and the other teachers but also from the other ladies there. It was great having Sly Fox there and being able to feel the materials and see how they drape and be able to ask questions about the best things to make from the different kinds of fabric. The swatch book will be a great help. It was so wonderful to see old friends and to make new ones and to share our love for sewing. Love you all sew much!!! Caroline G.

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